Sunsets and FlowerFields

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Untitled design (2).png
Sunsets and Flower Fields.jpeg

Sunsets and FlowerFields


"Sky Meditations”
2inch Stretched Canvas
Mel Bikowski 2019

“I seek to honor magical thinking by personifying the landscape of conceptual elements. My latest body of work tells specific stories of sunsets and sunrises based on very real days that happened to me. The modern world is stuffing information into cloud-technology at an exponentially fast rate. We are sitting in environments that are created for sensory-deprivation for long hours before heading home to look at our television screens. In a world where this behavior exists, I wonder how the clouds feel. Painting them is the closest way for me to personify them and make them as human as we are.”


To create this original painting, I used golden acrylics and painted them onto a canvas. My first layer is always my daughter and I playing in the paint. There are stickers layered into the painting that my daughter selected for a personal and playful touch. Many layers and hours were put into this piece of art to honor the space and deeper meaning of the painting.

I have signed, dated, and placed the title on the back of the canvas. It will come ready to hang and will be varnished to protect your investment for years to come. the brand of paint that I use to Golden Acrylic to give quality pigment to the paint.


I will ship via UPS for any place in the United States. For international shipping, you will have to contact me via email at

To learn more about me, see snapshots of my studio, or to chat with me about whatever your heart desires, please feel free to visit my instagram, facebook, or website:

Mel B.

*As not all computer monitors are the same, colors may vary slightly from actual work.

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