Intuitive Tides- 24×36 inch Original Acrylic Painting


This original Mel Bikowski painting measures 24×36 inches with 2 inch depth.  It will come ready to hang and signed. A special thank you to all that support the arts.

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Intutive Tides- 24x36inch Acrylic on Canvas-Mel Bikowski-Painting 2017
Intutive Tides- Mel BIkowski 2017

“Intuitive Tides”
24x36in, Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Mel Bikowski 2017


This painting represents the landscape of Intuition. It can be fluid, shifty, and very clear. Mine tends to be on a visual reef deep under the waters, where I can open new realizations and gifts.

Ocean Energy addresses primitive emotions, magic, intuition, soul work, primal state, dreams, fantasy, fluidity, and nature. I personally feel if I stay aware of these things in my life, I can stand in my highest potential and work through my karmic path in this life.

I also believe the flowers are a symbol of enlightenment- whether it be for a moment or a lifetime- once awareness or light is brought to our psyche- we have blossomed and changed forever. As an intuitive artist, I find that creating art brings messages from my spirit and I am always changed forever in someway or another after every painting. This is why flowers as symbols are always in someway incorporated into my artwork.

I named it Intuitive Tides, which I find to be a deeper understanding of the fluidity of following our intuition. More of the series can be found in the gallery.

To create this original painting, I used golden acrylics  and painted them onto a canvas. My first layer is always my daughter and I playing in the paint & then I use my hands to add a primitive personal touch.  Many layers and hours were put into this piece of art to honor the space and deeper meaning of the painting.

I have signed, dated, and placed the title on the back of the canvas. It will come ready to hang with gallery stretched wire and will be varnished to protect your investment for years to come. the brand of paint that I use to Golden Acrylic to give quality pigment to the paint.

The original painting was on display in my Art Show, Nameless, An Exploration of Form.

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Mel B.


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