Artist Statement, Creative Thesis for the New Year

New Artist Statement:

“My latest body of work is a vibrant, assertive, and expressionistic terrain of imagery and symbolism that reflects my vaguely pagan cosmological system. The swirling atmospheres, symbolic shapes, and harmonizing colors hint at the emotional impact and mysterious ambiguity of the promise and pitfalls of the human journey toward self- awareness. My brighter works reflect the promise of our highest potential and my darker works honor the power of our shadow. I believe that if we accept life, death, and rebirth cycles that are within our lives, we can connect closer to our natural and creative potential. My deepest inspiration comes from long hikes in National Parks with my family. I have been lucky enough to travel all over the world and observe the transformations of people, places, and nature itself.”


Artist Statement- New Works in Series


These new works of art, silence, meditation, poetry, and all the things that feed my soul have been calling me this autumn. I am simplifying- focusing- and enjoying my time spent with my family.  My daughter and I have been working on drawing together. She amazes me with her works of art. She amazes me everyday. And I feel as if I am awakening from a dream as I continue on this path that the universe has given me.

Now is the time. Time to pick up where I left off with my symbols. Time to pick up the paintbrush and the pen. Many signs are drawing me closer to this new creative thesis and although it might still just be adding on to the one I've been working on, I can hope that I convey my truth clearer than ever.

Creative Thesis


Delving deeper into Paint & Poetry. Remaining less distracted. Removing my Mothlike attention span from lightbulbs. I will be adding on poetry prompts in my Intentional Art FB group and doing 3 full moon meditations before the year ends. Looking forward to our community connections.

Wildly, Mel


-Full Moon Meditation at my Studio October 5 -End of Year Studio Sale Happening as well- CouponCode WILDLYMEL. Next Open Studio is October 11