#nowbeheredmv2017 National Women Museum of the Arts Historic Photoshoot

Now Be Here 2017_National Women of the Arts  


The National Women of the Arts Museum hosted the #Now Be Here photo and partnered up with Los Angeles- based artist Kim Schoenstadt & DC-based artist Linn Meyers last night. Something that really stuck with me about the event is that Linn said in her speech, "Not many people think that DC really has an art scene, but this goes to prove show that they're wrong."

What an amazing event. Almost 500 artists showed up and celebrated the growing and intricate art scene that we have here in DC/Northern Virginia. After the photograph was taken, we all mingled for a while discussing life, catching up, and looking at the art resources that NMWA setup.

Events like this remind me that the work that we do as artists is inspiring. important. and beautiful. It also showed for me last night, that our community is strongly connected and supportive and that is what an art scene needs to thrive.

Thank you NWMA for hosting this event and thank you to the coordinators. It is amazing and I am so inspired and lucky to be part of this. (That's me in the front behind the lady in the pink!)

& you know what- thank you to everyone that supports all of us as artists. Look what is happening with all the love and creativity- it is just spreading. I love it.

Now Be Here 2017_National Women of the Arts