Melanie Bikowski (b. 1986, virginia)
Publications | updated January 2019

Poetry Book

2018 WILD, a collection of poems

Poetry Online

2014 “The Sacred Maple Tree”, Elephant Journal
2014 “5 Haikus”, Elephant Journal
2016 “Alone”, Quail Bell Magazine
2016 “Icarus”, Quail Bell Magazine
2016 “We are Fierce”, Quail Bell Magazine
2016  “No Sense of Shame”, Quail Bell Magazine
2016 “The World Needs Flowers”, GERM Magazine
2016 “Motive”, Anti-Heroin Chic
2016 “Regular”, Anti-Heroin Chic
2016 “Nuts”, Bourgeon Magazine
2017 “Winning”, Quail Bell Magazine
2017, “Teams”, Anti-Heroin Chic
2017 “A Walk through Hell”, Anti-Heroin Chic
2017 “REM Cycle”, Anti- Heroin Chic
2017 “Kids these Days”, Anti-Heroin Chic

2017 Lilith, MoonChildMagazine


Poetry in Print

2016 “Ode to Amanda’s Red Couch”, Unrequited: An Anthology of Love Poems about Inanimate Objects
2017 “We are Fierce” The Nest Anthology

2016 “Beyonce’s Marriage is Not the Lemon”, Quail Bell Magazine
2016 “10 Ways to Have a Spiritual Summer”, Quail Bell Magazine
2016 “A Review of Ceremony’s Violence, Violence”, Quail Bell Magazine
2016 “A Review of Child Bite’s Negative Noise”, Quail Bell Magazine
2016 “A Review of Total Yuppie’s Pleasantries”, Quail Bell Magazine


2016 “Ode to Amanda’s Red Couch” Reading at Unrequited Book Launch

2018 “WILD, a Collection of Poems Book Lauch” Reading at Olly Olly



Poetry Reading with Unrequited

Poetry Reading with Unrequited