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Thank you for joining me. Brew a cup of tea, take a look around, buy a piece of art, buy a copy of my book, or read a blog. My own ideas have become my vocation because I believe them to be an alive entity; energy. I personify the creative process as a relationship between self and the muse. I am a true modern woman. I hold space for a multitude of vocations. My creative career (art and writing), my professional career (HR), my marriage, and motherhood. My loyalty to these vocations has allowed me to continue the path of creative living. They have allowed me to process and understand the deeper lessons of this life on earth. My goal is to open the world up to magical thinking and creative living. I am a wild vision of light, inspiration, and creativity. What about you?

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I hope to tell specific stories of sunsets based on very real days that happened to me. In a world where we are stuffing information into cloud-technology and sitting in environments that are created for sensory-deprivation, I wonder how the clouds feel. Painting them is the closest way for me to personify them and make them as human as we are.

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First book now available on amazon

Wild is a collection of poetry about the experience of healing heartbreak, transformation into motherhood, love, connection, and femininity. The collection has 33 poems that each deal with their own snapshot of wisdom. Wild takes the readers on a journey through the life of a woman and reminds us to always look everywhere for little love notes from the universe.

"Melanie Bikowski Takes us through the many shades of her wildness and offers an unapologetic look at her emotions. This book is a tumultuous ride through neural pathways created by love, loss, pain, and recovery.”- MookyChick, London UK


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Writing every Thursday honors my universal love for all clouds. Integrating topics about art, poetry, my life, and things that inspire me into my own internet cloud space. Follow along every Thursday for words written by me on and feel free to send me topics you’d like to discuss with me. Let’s make the internet a big conversation of love and connection.