Melanie Bikowski Art

Welcome, Friend.

Thank you for joining me. Brew a cup of tea, take a look around, buy a piece of art, or read a couple of my poems. I hope I connect you to inspiration and your own ideas. My own ideas have become my vocation. My life’s work. I am a true modern woman. I hold space for a multitude of vocations. Marriage, professional career, creative career, and motherhood. my loyalty to these vocations has allowed me to continue the path of mindfulness. They have allowed me to process and understand the deeper lessons of this life on earth.

Art and Poetry allow me to find the connections in my observations and how they hold space for self. As I adapt to the environmental changes of the world around me, I notice that I remain a pillar and foundation for growth, which is the magic of mother nature.

This observation has allowed me to open up to my mission, which is to use expressionistic and conceptual techniques in both art and poetry to bring forth a wild vision of light.

The lesson here is to refine and define self as I continue to grow in years and age. I hope my impact on this world is that of inspiration and not of influence. I am careful to push myself onto those I teach (especially my children) as I want them to grow into the beautiful unique individuals that they are and personify their own stories.

Here on this little platform, I personify my ideas and my story. I will always continue to explore ways to refine it and I hope that you find some connection in these creations that I have presented.

As always- be well.