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About the Artist


“My latest body of work is a vibrant, assertive, and expressionistic terrain of imagery and symbolism that reflects my vaguely pagan cosmological system. The swirling atmospheres, symbolic shapes, and harmonizing colors hint at the emotional impact and mysterious ambiguity of the promise and pitfalls of the human journey toward self- awareness. My brighter works reflect the promise of our highest potential and my darker works honor the power of our shadow. I believe that if we accept life, death, and rebirth cycles that are within our lives, we can connect closer to our natural and creative potential. My deepest inspiration comes from long hikes in National Parks with my family. I have been lucky enough to travel all over the world and observe the transformations of people, places, and nature itself.”

Artist Biography:

Mel Bikowski is a self-taught artist that uses her intuition to build new perspectives and worlds that present an emotional depth and wisdom that she is able to use as a conversation with the universe. The building blocks of her intuitive and artistic lifestyle often come from esoteric spiritual philosophies that she often processes in her rituals as she continues to integrate her soul with the natural world.

Her poetry relies on emotion, experience, and imagination. Her works are narratives of personal experiences where she found a snapshot of direct truth. She believes that there is always a deeper lesson in the realities that surround us and her work uses direct language to reflect how wisdom and narrative can lead us to beauty within all the chaos.

She holds monthly full moon meetings in her studio, where she leads the community through written meditations, workshops, and shares intuitive tarot readings. She often brings in guests to discuss different tips and tricks when it comes to living a conscious creative and spiritual lifestyle. She also blogs about her own life here on her website. She currently works out of her studio at Olly Olly in Old Town Fairfax, VA.

Follow her Instagram & Facebook Page to keep up to date with snapshots of her studio. To book an appointment for a studio visit, speak with her about commissions, painting a mural, or purchasing one of her paintings listed on her site, please connect with her directly, this link.



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